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Happy Birthday
We have some very special birthdays this month! Sending lots of birthday love to Miss Jenilee on June 8th, Miss Destynee on June 21st, and Miss Morgan on June 22nd. We love you very much and hope you enjoy your special day!

DDPAC Spirit Week
Every month we have a different theme week where we encourage dancers to come to their dance class dressed up to match that month’s theme for some added fun. During the week of Thursday, June 13th through Wednesday, June 19th we encourage dancers to dress up in their DDPAC colors: red, black, & white and/or DDPAC apparel to gear up for our 19th Annual Performance! Let’s show our excitement and Dance Dimensions spirit for our biggest performance of the season!! *The MOST spirited dancers will be entered into a drawing to win a CASH PRIZE! 1 prize per following age groups: 2-7, 8-12, 13+  

19th Annual Performance
Our 19th Annual Performance is scheduled for Thursday, June 20th through Saturday, June 22nd at Grand Terrace High School’s Auditorium located at 21810 Main St. Grand Terrace 92313.  This is the biggest event of the season and is what our dancers have been looking forward to all year long! We are excited to have them showcase all of their hard work from #DDPACseason19 and for you to see their growth and love for dance! Our 19th Annual Performance will consist of 1 show Thursday, June 20th at 6pm, 1 show Friday, June 21st at 6pm, and 2 shows Saturday, June 22nd ­at 1pm and 5pm. Classes will perform in only 1 of these shows unless otherwise specified. The schedule is posted below. Tickets will cost $12 each and may be purchased in advance at the front desk starting Monday, June 3rd, or the day of the event at the door. However, we encourage you to purchase your tickets early in case we sell out! Please make this clear to the guests that you invite.

19th Annual Performance Routines

Thursday, June 20th @ 6:00 Performance
1.  “Welcome to Havana” Production
2.  “Cool Like Dat”
3.  Saturday 9:45 Pre-Ballet “A Whole New World”
4. “Sing Your Own Song”
5. Wednesday 6:30 Contemporary 2 “Nothingness”
6. “The Wisp Sings”
7. Wednesday 5:30 Ballet 3 & 4 “Big Swans”
8. Friday 4:00 JTB “Kids in America”
9. “Stole the Show”
10. Wednesday 3:30 Jazz/ Lyrical 1-2/2 “Kill Em With Kindness”
11. Saturday 10:30 3-5 yrs “Perfection”
12. “Lovestoned”
13. Saturday 9:00 Combo “Fabulous”
14. “She Used to Be Mine”
15. Monday 5:30 Musical Theater 2 “The Greatest Show”
16. “Promise Not to Fall”
17. Saturday 9:00 2-3 yrs “Supercalifragilistic”
18. “River Deep, Mountain High”
19. “Be Our Guest”
20. “Slow and Steady”
21. Saturday 9:45 HH/Tumb 3-5 yrs “Uptown Funk”
22. Monday 4:30 Jazz/Lyrical 2-3 “Burn it Up”
23. Tuesday 4:30 Combo (5-7 yrs) “Stayin Alive”
24. Thursday 5:15 Contemporary 1-2 “Landslide”
25. “Throwback”
26. “Moment of Truth”
27. Monday 6:15 Hip Hop 3 “Low”
28. Monday 3:45 Jazz 1-2 “Whatever It Takes” 
29. Saturday 10:30 HH/Tumb 5-7 yrs “Thrift Shop
30. “Mixed Signals”
31. All Stars

Friday, June 21st @ 6:00 Performance
1.  “That Girl”
2.  Monday 4:30 Musical Theater 1 “Naughty”
3.  Friday 5:30 Pre-Ballet “A Whole New World”
4. “Money”
5. “Lost in the Rhythm”
6.  “She’s a Lady”
7.  Tuesday 6:00 Hip Hop 2 “One Two Step”
8.  “Rock Star”
9.  Monday 5:30 Hip Hop Beg/Int “Worth It”
10. “I’m a Lady”
11. “Monsters Inc”
12. Wednesday 5:30 Theatrical Contemporary 1 “Surfin’ in the USA”
13. “Lucky”
14. “Dulcinea’s Variation from Don Quixote”
15. Wednesday 4:30 Contemporary 3 “Lady Lie”
16. “Mambo #5”
17. “Lion King” Ballet Production
18. Monday 6:15 Combo “Fabulous”
19. Tuesday 9:00am JTB “Splish Splash”
20. Thursday 6:00 Boy Hip Hop (4-8 yrs) “Perm”
21. Friday 4:45 Combo “September”
22. Fever
23. Tuesday 6:45 Hip Hop Beg/Int. (9+) “Bodak Yellow”
24. “My Favorite Things”
25. Tuesday 6:45 Jazz/Lyrical 1 “Finally Free”
26. Tuesday 7:30 Jazz/ Lyrical 2 “Dead Man’s Party”
27. Wednesday 7:30 Level 4 “Take U There”
28. Monday 7:00 HH/Jazz “Fancy”
29. “Listen”
30. “Tamacun”
31. All Stars

Saturday, June 22nd @ 1:00 Performance
1.  Tuesday 7:30 Ballet Contemporary 3 & 4 “Dance Dance”
2.  “Stone Cold”
3. Monday 4:00 Combo “Confident”
4.  Wednesday 3:30 Tap 1-2 and Thursday 5:15 Tap 1 “Big Time Bopping”
5.  “Tourists”
6.  “World into Motion”
7.  “Wolf”
8.  “Mama Knows Best”
9.  “5 Guys Named Moe”
10.  “Escapees”
11. Tuesday 5:15 HH/Tumb ”We Will Rock You”
12. “You Say”
13. “End of Time”
14. Tuesday 5:15 JTB (3-5 yrs) “Hearts as Strong as Horses”
15. Tuesday 4:30 Hip Hop Beg/Int “Worth It”
16. “When the Party’s Over”
17. Wednesday 5:30 Ballet 3 & 4 “Petit Cygnes”
18. “Lion King” Ballet Production
19. Tuesday 2:15 “Hard Knock Life”
20. “Unforgettable”
21. Thursday 6:45 Boys (9+) “Deadpool”
22. “Stand Out”
23. “OG”
24. Tuesday 6:00 Jazz/Lyrical 1-2 (9+) “Ocean Eyes”
25. Tuesday 4:30 Combo (5-7 yrs) “Stayin Alive”
26. Thursday 5:30 Jazz/Lyrical 3 & 3-4 “Madness”
27. “New Crew”
28. Thursday 4:30 Jazz 1 “Set it Off”
29. “Bang Dem Sticks”
30. Thursday 6:45 HH/Jazz “Space Jam”
31. All Stars

Saturday, June 22nd @ 5:00 Performance
1.  “Welcome to Havana” Production
2.  “Play Ball”
3.  Wednesday 4:15 Pre-Ballet “A Whole New World”
4.  “Dear Future Husband”
5.  “Hair”
6.  “All My Friends”
7.  Tuesday 9:45am JTB “Minnie Street”
8.  “The Star” by Degas
9.  “Lovely”
10. “Whole Lotta Woman”
11. Wednesday 5:00 JTB “Splish Splash”
12. Tuesday 7:30 Hip Hop (12+) “Top Off”
13. “Ashes”
14. Wednesday 4:30 Ballet 2 “Waltz of the Swans”
15. “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”
16. “Run”
17. Wednesday Tap 2/2-3 & Thursday Tap 3 & 4 “42nd Street: The Audition”
18. “All By Myself”
19. Monday 5:30 HH/Tumb 3-5 yrs “Uptown Funk”
20. “Route 66”
21. “Feeling Good”
22. “We Are Going To Be Friends”
23. “Stay Focused”
24. “When Velma Takes a Stand”
25. “Baywatch”
26. Monday 4:45 JTB “Reflections”
27. “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous”
28. “Bellhop Boogie”
29. “Silent All These Years”
30. Thursday 4:30 JTB “Perfection”
31. “Senior Dance”
32. All Stars

19th Annual Performance Shirts
19th Annual Performance shirts have been designed! Order forms are available at the front desk for you to purchase your keepsake 19th Annual Performance shirts and/or tanks! Make sure to pre-order by June 3rd to ensure your size. All Tanks and T-shirts are $20. Please add $3 to Adult Sizes 3XL-5XL.

19th Annual Performance DVDs
For our Annual Performance we hire a professional videographer to record all 4 of our Annual Performance shows. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this service and purchase a DVD of your dancer’s performance. We promise it will be something you will cherish for years to come! DVDs can be purchased for $30 each. Order forms are available at the front desk once it gets closer to the performance date, as well as be available at GTHS the day of performance. With that being said, please note that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY and/or NO VIDEO RECORDING ALLOWED DURING THE 19TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE! It is distracting to the dancers as well as the other audience members. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.    

Short Summer break
We will be closed on June 24th through July 6th. We re-open on July 8th with our summer schedule.

DDPAC Summer Dance Camp
It won’t be long before it is once again summer break! Have you thought about what you’re going to do to help occupy your dancer’s free time (and maybe give you some kid-free time)? Look no further! Our DDPAC Dance Camp for ages 4-11 is back for summer 2019! We have designed a 2 hours per day, 3 days/week, 3-week dance camp where each camp day will focus on a different type of dance to allow campers to experience multiple dance styles. Each camp week will revolve around a fun theme, include a creative craft or activity geared towards each camp day’s focus and/or theme, a yummy snack, and of course great memories with friends! DDPAC Dance Camp is the perfect program to keep kids active during their summer break! Interested? Here’s the information:
-10am-12:00pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday
-July 8th-July 26th  
-$150 for the entire 3-week camp if paid in full on or before June 20th.
-$175 for the entire 3-week camp starting June 21st.  
-A Dance Camp T-shirt will be included when signing up for the entire 3-week camp!
Are you unable to attend all 3 weeks? We have the following options to accommodate your needs: 
-$60/week drop in rate          
-$25/day drop in rate
Please sign up at the front desk today!

DDPAC Summer Intensives
That’s right! Summer is just around the corner and so are our 2019 Summer Programs! We are in the process of designing a 3-week Summer Schedule running Monday, July 8th through Saturday, July 27th  which will include our DDPAC Summer Intensive Program, DDPAC Company Clinics, our DDPAC Recreational Dance Program, as well as some Master Classes! More information regarding each of these programs as well as pricing will become available this month.

2020 DDPAC Company
Are you/your dancer interested in taking your dance education, skill set, and performance opportunities to the next level? Have you heard about our award winning DDPAC Company? Don’t be afraid to ask us about receiving more information! Our DDPAC Company Applications will be available on June 10th. Clinics preparing dancers wishing to audition for our 2019-2020 DDPAC Company will be held on select days during our summer program July 8th-26th. A clinic schedule is currently being worked on and will be available with the Company Application also on June 10th. These clinics are HIGHLY encouraged to attend as this is where dancers will learn the dance routines for which they will audition. Auditions for our 2019-2020 DDPAC Company will be held on Saturday, July 27th starting at 11:00 am. There will be a make-up audition on August 10th.  If joining sounds like something you/your dancer is interested in, don’t hesitate to pick up an application and join us for Company Auditions!

Parking Lot Reminder
Please do not park at the hair salon next door or in any red zones. You are allowed to park in any of the marked spots and or on the street. You also have the option of parking across the street in the Stater Bros. parking lot. Please do not park in the Genesis Hair Salon parking lot next door or in any red zones. Thank you!

Construction Traffic
If you have not already noticed, the 215 Freeway and Barton Road on-ramps and off-ramps are going through some improvements. Although the end results are going to be desirable, the construction and traffic it is causing now is definitely a headache. Please keep this construction traffic in mind when coming to the studio and when leaving the studio. We would like to suggest that when coming to the studio you either take the Mt. Vernon/Washington exit and take Mt. Vernon to Barton, or take the Center St. exit and take Center St. to Michigan to Barton. Taking 1 exit earlier or 1 exit later might help you avoid getting stuck in this traffic. Bear with us!