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Newsletter and Updates

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DDPAC Apparel
We still have limited supply and items left of our 2019 DDPAC Apparel collection available at our front desk. If you were unable to get an order in before Christmas and would like to take a look at what we have available for sale, please do not hesitate! Supplies are going fast!

Studio Closed
DDPAC will be closed Friday, April 26th and Saturday, April 27th to attend Celebrity Dance Competition in San Diego with our DDPAC Company. Please note that you may make up any missed class/es in any other class of the same age/level. We appreciate your understanding!

April Theme Week
Every month we have a different theme for our dancers to enjoy. For the month of April, and since Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd, we will be having “Earth Week”! During the week of Friday, April 19th -Thursday, April 25th dancers are encouraged to attend their dance class dressed to support Earth Day! Be creative and have fun with what you wear! Will you wear a “Save our Ocean” t-shirt? How about a Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle outfit? You could maybe wear an outfit of your favorite animal? Or maybe just wear blue and green like our Earth! The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see how everyone dresses to represent “Earth Week”! Please remember though, theme weeks are just for fun and are not mandatory to participate in.

2019 Performance Season
Our 2019 Performance Season is quickly approaching! Our BIG 19th Annual Performance is scheduled for Thursday, June 20th through Saturday, June 22nd at Grand Terrace High School’s Auditorium. Leading up to this performance we will be having multiple smaller performances including:
-19th Annual Performance June 20th-June 22nd at Grand Terrace High School’s Auditorium.
-DDPAC “Pre-Performance” scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th at Grand Terrace High School’s Cafeteria at 5pm and 6:30pm
-DDPAC “Pre-Performance” Performance Tentatively for Thursday, May 23rd
-Grand Terrace Days (*select classes only) June 1st Richard Rollins Park
We know it seems like we have some time before our performance season begins, however it really is just around the corner! Most of our dance classes will begin or have just recently started learning a routine to participate in our 2019 performances. Your teachers have also chosen costumes to be ordered. If you would like your child to participate in any of the 2019 performances, your child will need to have the appropriate costume. If you choose not to participate in any of our 2019 performances, that is okay. Your child will still be allowed to learn the routine and practice the dance in class. However, they will not be able to perform during any of the performances. Only students who have purchased a costume, or assembled the appropriate outfit if the teacher decides to have you provide something on your own, will be allowed to perform. If you missed out on ordering a 2019 Performance Season costume, please see the front desk or send us an email to see if it is still possible to do so. Also, please note that not every class will participate in our 2019 performances as this is up to the teacher’s discretion. Feel free to ask your teacher or send us an email if you have questions on which classes will be participating in our 2019 performances, and which classes will not. Performance season is our favorite season and we cannot wait to see all of dancers showcasing their hard work!

Tuesday, April 30th “DDPAC Pre-Show”
5:00 pm
1.  Monday 4:30 Mus. Theatre 1 “Naughty”
2.  Wednesday 4:15 AND Saturday 9:45 Pre Ballet “A Whole New World”
3.  Saturday 10:30 3-5 yrs “Perfection”
4.  Tuesday 9:00 JTB (2-3 yrs) “Splish Splash”
5.  Friday 4:00 JTB “Kids in America”
6.  Monday 4:45 JTB (3-5 yrs) “Reflection”
7.  Monday 6:15 Combo “Fabulous”
8.  Tuesday 5:15 JTB (3-5 yrs) “Hearts as Strong as Horses”
9.  Tuesday 6:00 Jazz/Lyrical 1-2 (9+) “Ocean Eyes”
10. Saturday 9:45 HH/Tumb 3-5 yrs “Uptown Funk”
11. Monday 4:00 Combo “Confident”
12. Thursday 6:45 HH/Jazz “Space Jam”

 6:30 pm
1.  Thursday 4:30 Jazz 1 “Set it Off”
2.  Friday 5:30 Pre Ballet “A Whole New World”
3.  Tuesday 9:45 JTB (3-5 yrs) “Girls on Minnie Street”
4.  Wednesday 3:30 Jazz/Lyrical 1-2 “Kill Em With Kindness”
5.  Saturday 9:00 2-3 yrs “Supercalifragilistic”
6.  Monday 5:30 HH/Tumb 3-5 yrs “Uptown Funk”
7.  Tuesday 4:30 Combo (5-7 yrs) “Stayin Alive”
8.  Saturday 10:30 HH/Tumb 5-7 yrs“Thrift Shop”
9.  Thursday 4:30 JTB “Perfection”
10. Saturday 9:00 Combo “Fabulous”
11. Wednesday 5:00 JTB (2-3 yrs) “Splish Splash”
12. Tuesday 6:45 Jazz/Lyrical 1 “Finally Free”
13. Friday 4:45 Combo “September”

This is a casual show with FREE admittance. For this performance, we ask that dancers arrive 20 minutes before their show time dressed and completely ready to perform. The shows will begin promptly at their start time. We will not hold any routine or repeat any routine if your dancer is late and misses their turn to perform. This “Pre-Performance” will be in support of GTHS’ Spirit Team. The GTHS Cheer and Dance team will be selling goodies at their snack bar during and between performances. We are very thankful to Grand Terrace High School, GTHS Spirit Team, Ms. Gevina Parra, and Mr. Matt Johnson for sponsoring and hosting DDPAC, and for allowing us to have a venue to perform. Invite friends and family members you wish to support our dancers, and be sure to indulge in the goodies that will be offered by the GTHS Spirit Team!      

DDPAC Summer Dance Camp
It won’t be long before it is once again summer break! Have you thought about what you’re going to do to help occupy your dancer’s free time (and maybe give you some kid-free time)? Look no further! Our DDPAC Dance Camp for ages 4-11 is back for summer 2019! We have designed a 2 hours per day, 3 days/week, 3-week dance camp where each camp day will focus on a different type of dance to allow campers to experience multiple dance styles. Each camp week will revolve around a fun theme, include a creative craft or activity geared towards each camp day’s focus and/or theme, a yummy snack, and of course great memories with friends! DDPAC Dance Camp is the perfect program to keep kids active during their summer break! Interested? Here’s the information:
-10am-12:00pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday
-July 8th-July 26th  
-$150 for the entire 3-week camp if paid in full on or before June 20th.
-$175 for the entire 3-week camp starting June 21st.  
-A Dance Camp T-shirt will be included when signing up for the entire 3-week camp!
Are you unable to attend all 3 weeks? We have the following options to accommodate your needs: 
-$60/week drop in rate          
-$25/day drop in rate
Please sign up at the front desk today!

Parking Lot Reminder
Please do not park at the hair salon next door or in any red zones. You are allowed to park in any of the marked spots and or on the street. You also have the option of parking across the street in the Stater Bros. parking lot.

Construction Traffic
If you have not already noticed, the 215 Freeway and Barton Road on-ramps and off-ramps are going through some improvements. Although the end results are going to be desirable, the construction and traffic it is causing now is definitely a headache. Please keep this construction traffic in mind when coming to the studio and when leaving the studio. We would like to suggest that when coming to the studio you either take the Mt. Vernon/Washington exit and take Mt. Vernon to Barton, or take the Center St. exit and take Center St. to Michigan to Barton. Taking 1 exit earlier or 1 exit later might help you avoid getting stuck in this traffic. Bear with us!